Echotec's staff have indepth experience in system design and the working level technologies for high-frequency, high-bandwidth sonar. In addition, we are equiped with the facilities, software, and engineering tools required in the specialized field of acoustics.

Professional services related to High-Frequency Sonar are available for the following:

*Wideband, High Frequency Transducer Design,
*System Requirements Analysis,
*System and Technical Design,
*Independent Validation and Verification,
*Sonar Performance Testing and Analysis, and
*Application of sonar technology related to Minehunting, Obstacle Avoidance, Swimmer Detection.

Echotec Sonar has the following facilities available:

*Test Barge & winch
*Impedance Analyser, etc.
*Sound Velocity Probe
*Calibrated Targets
*Calibrated Hydrophones
*Access to 200' depth fresh-water range.
*HDS Systems (as available)