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Phillip Johnson- CEO

Phillip JohnsonPhillip has made a 35 year career as an engineer and manager in the field of underwater acoustic systems. He holds seven patents relating to sonar systems and was awarded the Plessey award for innovation in his earlier years. He has presented technical papers at a number of high profile venues and had been the key player in a number of technologically advanced sonar programs.
Educated at Kingston University in Applied Physics he began his career with Plessey Marine Research Unit (Thales Underwater Systems) the UK, and then moved to Ottawa to head up the Underwater Systems group at Lockheed Martin Canada.
He has extensive knowledge and experience designing sonar for the Military, Commercial Shipping, Scientific research Commuity as well as the Commercial Fishery.

Dan Ward- CTO

Dan WardFor the last 28 years Dan has followed a career path where designing, building, and field-testing high-frequency sonar systems has led the defence and commercial industry in innovation and performance.
In his early career as a Naval Combat System Engineering officer, he saw first-hand the real-life operational requirements of hull-mounted, VDS, torpedo, active, and passive sonar systems. After graduation from the Royal Military College of Canada as an Electrical Engineer, his service aboard several Canadian warships deeply embedded a commitment to excellence in design. He feels that his systems must always withstand rigorous environmental conditions and succeed in the serious purpose of naval warfare.
He continued his career at Lockheed Martin Canada as a senior staff underwater systems engineer. Following that, a year in the commercial fishing industry further evolved his expertise in designing and building highly competitive, low-cost solutions.